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“Sell My Car Today” Southside and Northside

I am local, independent and licensed to buy and sell cars in Brisbane.

I’m not the only guy buying and paying cash for cars in Brisbane,


Here are some good reasons why I have the best car-buying small business in Brisbane and you should give me a try first:

Why Call Me on
0411362229 First?

   I may buy ANY make, Model or Year car (not usually wrecks though),

   This is my small business.

   I am NOT part of a multi-city buying group,

   I buy registered OR unregistered vehicles,

   I can arrange to come to you – home or work,

   I can pay out your lease or finance for you,

   No safety certificate required,

   I do all the Queensland Transport paperwork (or interstate if required),

   I can usually have EVERYTHING sorted within 20 mins of meeting you,

   Licensed Motor Dealer (Qld Office of Fair Trading Licence #3619318).

Cash For Cars Brisbane

If I can’t answer first time or if you prefer, fill this in and I will come back to you:

* Your Name:

* Your Email:

* Your Phone Number:

* Brisbane Suburb:

Make | Model | Year | Manual or Auto | kms:

Kindly include details such as the general condition, condition of tyres and Air Conditioning and/or any other relevant details about your car:

More Info About Selling Your Car To Me:

We are a small car wholesale/retailing business paying cash for cars Brisbane and surrounds.

I’m Paul and live on the inner South side.

Not far from Brisbane city, the M1 and Gateway motorway.

Being on the road most days means I might not be far away when you call.

My long time school friend and business partner offer you our easy way to sell your car hassle free today.

Better than a trade in or trading in for another car.

Cash for cars Brisbane – we will consider most makes and models.

Don’t worry if your car has little or no registration.

All you need to give us is some documentation to prove the car is yours (e.g. a previous registration payment receipt).

Most times we will transfer cash into your bank account on the spot.

We have a verified Commonwealth Bank merchant facility and can pay instantly from their iPhone App.

Do you prefer cold hard cash for cars Brisbane?

Folding notes can be arranged also if you wish.

I will come prepared with all I need to legally transfer ownership from you, to us.

This means you don’t need to do a thing to sell your car.

It is that quick and easy when you ask yourself “How do I sell my car for cash in Brisbane today?”

What kind of cars do I buy?

I’ve been known to buy a large variety of cars over the years.

I buy Mazda 3, Suzuki Swift, Ford Falcon (especially XR6 models), Holden Commodore (both 6 and V8 engine sizes), Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Yaris, all Subaru models, Honda and of course the Korean cars like Hyundai and Kia.

I can find most cars a home.

Sometimes I do this by consulting my extensive wholesale network.

We have people call us for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps you have a new car?

You’re disappointed with the trade-in offer you received from another motor dealer?

Or do you need cash for a home deposit quickly?

Are you a traveller at the end of your backpacker adventure?

Do you have a significant purchase you need to make?

Are car loan repayments suffocating your lifestyle? (I can pay these out on your behalf)

Whatever your reason if you’ve thought you need cash for cars Brisbane, I promise to make it simple and I look forward to receiving your call today.

Telephone Cash for Your Car

PS: Are You Buying?

When we speak, ask me about the excellent new e-Book by Louise Baisingen called Don’t Buy A Lemon.

In it is everything you need to know to avoid buying a used car rip-off.

I can arrange a copy of it for you for FREE. Just ask!

Sell Your Car
Telephone Cash for Your Car

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