Get to know

About our company

I am a licensed motor dealer in Brisbane and I buy cars for cash.

I have two main websites – this one is my buying website, and my selling website is Brisbane Car Shed.

I have setup the two because I have often found people may not necessarily be buying cars, but wanting to sell their car for cash in Brisbane.

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How have YOU

Found me today?

Most likely from a Google search – either “sell my car for cash” or “cash for cars in Brisbane” most likely.

I consider buying all types of cars.

My favourite cars to buy are those built after 2000 and are automatic.

I say that because these cars are worth more.

This goes for you if you are selling an older manual car.

Of course there are exceptions, but this is the basic rule of thumb.

BUT I do buy any sort of car depending on the price we can agree to.

I do not buy wrecks. But if your car you want to sell doesn’t go, that’s okay, I may still be interested in looking at it and offering you a price.

This depends on the quality of your car.

Some I spruce up, register and add to my retail stock.

Others may find themselves being wholesaled to other motor dealers.

This depends on a lot of factors – as does buying and selling anything. It mainly depends on how quickly you want to sell. Unless you are selling something quite sought after or for a very low price, most cars get lost in the sheer volume of similar cars being sold privately. You won’t know until you call me as to how much your car is worth to me!

There are many reasons to sell to a dealer like myself.

Firstly, it will be much quicker.

Typically I can see your car, agree a price and make payment and take it away all in a phone call and a visit to where your car is.

Secondly I make it very easy.

Because I am a licensed dealer, all you need to do is sign a “Vendor’s Statement”. I do the rest including transferring registration (if applicable) and removing the ownership from you to me.

That is a bit about me and this website. Feel free to call me on 0411 362 229 or of course you can send me an email using the form on the Homepage.