Do you live in Sunnybank and have landed on this page because you have a car to sell?

Here I will briefly explain why calling me is a safe and easy option to sell your car fast.

I am licensed, local and have been in this business locally in Brisbane for many years.

Sunnybank is a suburb of Brisbane I have had the pleasure of buying many used cars off happy – and sometimes relieved sellers.

How To Sell Your Car Fast

Now you have found me, the next step is to either call me on 0411362229 or send an email enquiry with some basic details of the car you want to sell.

I can really speed up the process of selling a used car because there is a lot of stuff private sellers usually have to do before they can sell their registered car in Qld.

Here are just a few:

* Achieve a roadworthy certificate (RWC or Safety Inspection) – By law you must have arranged, paid for and achieved a certain level of quality of your car prior to selling it. Things like brakes, tyres, suspension, belts and general condition are assessed for road safety. If your car fails the first inspection, it is your responsibility to fix all the things noted prior to arranging a re-inspection for a pass. This can cost a lot of money depending on what needs replacing (E.g. a tyre alone can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the size/type). Then there is the time element. You need to arrange dropping off and picking your car up from the mechanic in your time.

* Clean/Detail your car – Some people choose not to clean their car before selling it. But have a look at your competition on CarSales. There is a good chance there are many other models the same/similar which are much better presented. Chances are they will sell before yours.

* Photographs and advertising – Have another look at CarSales. There are some TERRIBLE examples of photography for cars that are for sale. Most people simply take to their iPhone and completely disregard light, angles and composure. Unless you are at least somewhat competent in photography, then there will be a lot of cars ahead of yours that will earn the clicks. Then of course you need to post the ad. CarSales is the go to. This will cost around at least $100 to setup.

* Once advertised, you will then take calls over the following weeks or months. People tend to call, arrange an appointment, then not turn up. You can get some weirdos visit your home you’d rather not have there.

* Avoid ALL of the above by allowing me to buy your used car.

I take care of all of the above. Let me explain:

What Is The Process If You Buy My Car?

So you have now called or sent me a message with the basic details of your car.

I will contact you and ask you a few more details of your car and sometimes if you already have it advertised somewhere, I might ask you to send me some photos so I get a better picture of the car you have.

We can arrange a time to meet for me to look at your car either at my place of business (warehouse) or where you prefer.

Then we can negotiate a mutually acceptable price for me to pay you cash.

Once this happens, I have a one page Office of Fair Trading / Qld Transport form you will sign, which legally transfers the ownership of your car to my business.

Then that is it!

Re-read all of the points above. You will save ALL of that energy and bother!

What Used Cars Do I Buy?

I buy most used cars that are running and are not say older than about 20 years.

Although in saying that, if your car has a known mechanical problem, perhaps we can still come to an agreement.

If your car is unregistered, that’s okay too. If I buy your unregistered car, I can drive it with a “Trade Plate” or arrange to have the car towed to my warehouse or mechanic.

People in Sunnybank have all sorts of reasons they may want to sell their car for cash today.

Perhaps you simply don’t want/need it anymore and just want it gone.

I find many people are heading back to an overseas home and the car is one of the last things to go therefore a quick sale is necessary.

Other times there is something wrong with it that makes it hard to sell on the open market.

Whatever your reason is for wanting me to buy your car, I promise to make the process very quick and easy.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Sunnybank by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.