2 Students – 24 hours – 2 Cars Bought

This week’s purchase was an interesting one.

I had a call from a student wanting/needing to sell his car fast in Brisbane.

You see, his circumstances had changed quite dramatically – they had tuition fees at the University of Queensland to pay and a flatmate had skipped town leaving them with a rent bill.

These things happen.

The major asset Fred (not real name could you guess?) had was a 2006 Toyota Camry.

It had a few wear and tear issues and the body had some damage.

Because he and Jon (yes real name see below) were really in a pickle, it had to go in exchange for the best money possible.

We did some negotiation. Which usualy involves details such as the following:

  • Condition of the tyres.
  • How much registration on the car.
  • Transmission (auto is generally worth more for general cars).
  • Make and year. For example Mitsubishi Magnas and 380s have depreciated more in a short time than comparable vehicles of the same age.
  • Colour of the car.
  • And a whole heap of other things.

Funny thing happened.

The two guys thought the deal was good so Jon offered his car for sale as well.

Unfortunately it was a Mitsubishi 380 – which as mentioned do not attract high prices.

This being said, after the deal was done for both cars, they commented I was much fairer and significantly higher than the local yard at Indooroopilly with a “Cash For Cars” sign posted out the front.

They were pleased with the deal and I hope when they are ready to buy again they might pop in.

They were kind enough to even post a good review on the Sell My Car For Cash Google Plus page as you can see here: My Google Plus Page.

Thanks guys.

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