1. Are You Licensed?

YES. I am a licensed motor dealer and my LMCT (Licensed Motor Car Trader) number with the Office of Fair Trading in Qld is 3619318. You can look me up here.

2. Do You Buy Cars All Over Brisbane?

YES. My home is on the Southside not far from both the Gateway Motorway and the M1 and only 20 minutes from the city. I am on the road looking at cars most days so there is a good chance I can come and see yours and offer a cash price.

3. How Much Do You Pay For Used Cars?

This depends on a whole heap of factors. Because this is one of the questions I get asked the most, I wrote a dedicated article on the subject here.

4. Do You Buy Unregistered Cars?

YES. It makes no difference to me if they are registered or not. I will make a cash offer on what the value of the car is to me – not whether is is currently roadworthy or not. Which brings me onto my next FAQ…

5. What If My Car Has No Safety Certificate (Roadworthy Certificate)?

To sell a registered car privately you MUST have had it inspected by a qualified and certified mechanic prior to advertising it. If you sell your car to me, I look after all of that and it saves you a lot of hassle and money.

6. How Do You Make Money Doing This?

Buying and selling cars is my core business and I do it well. I have been around all the traps in Brisbane and know the market. So where you as an amateur seller might take ages to sell a car privately, I can probably find another home for it very quickly making a modest margin.

7. Do I need a service history?

No – but a car with a good service history is worth a lot more than a car without one. Definitely.

8. I have a stolen car I am trying to hock. You’ll never know will you?

Don’t waste your time getting in touch with me. I check all vehicles first from the national database I subscribe to which tells me if any car is reported stolen.

9. The car I own is a repaired write-off. Will you buy it?

Maybe, but probably not. But please do not try and pull the wool over my eyes by not disclosing the fact. I check all cars if they are on the national written-off register. Please don’t waste your time or mine and be up front. I still might find a home for it.

10. Do you pay cash or try it on with a cheque?

I generally pay using our Commonwealth Bank merchant account right in front of your eyes so you know the cash for your car has been transferred. If you would like folding notes, this is possible as well. Or even a bank cheque if you prefer. But definitely not a personal cheque. Whether you sell your car to me or to anyone else, NEVER accept a personal cheque.

11. What paperwork do I need to do?

None. I bring what is called a “Vendor’s Statement” for you to sign, you get a copy, and we’re done. As a licensed motor dealer in Brisbane I look after all of the Qld Transport transfer documentation so you don’t need to do a thing.

12. How can I prove the car is mine to sell?

Whether your car is still registered or not, have with you a copy of an old registration letter in your name, and your driver’s licence of which I will need a copy. I usually take a photo with my iPhone and this is sufficient.

13. Can I come to you to sell my car?

Yes. Give me a call and we can arrange for you to meet me at my office in Mansfield.

14. Do you buy cars registered in other states?

Yes. But state governing bodies don’t talk to each other particularly well and do not transfer registration interstate. You are better off to cancel your registration first. But I can do this and surrender your plates if you like on your behalf after I have paid you cash and own the car.

15. What if my car is under finance – can you help?

Yes. Contact your finance/leasing company and ask for a payout advice letter to be issued. This will advise you how much exactly is left on your car. I can pay this amount directly to the finance company and depending on the car price, I may pay you the cash difference.

16. Do you buy older cars?

Sometimes. But not always. If it is an 80s or 90s manual car with 300,000 kms on the clock for example, I might pay about this same as a wrecker. If it is a vintage and/or classic, usually you are better off selling these through the car clubs or specialty magazines.

17. How do I know you are legitimate?

My actual business name is Brisbane Car Shed and licensed by the Office of Fair Trading in Qld. You can look up my licensed dealer details here with my number 3619318.

18. Do you sell cars in Brisbane?

Yes. I am a licensed motor dealer. This website is my buying cars website. My website I use for selling cars in Brisbane is Brisbane Car Shed.

19. Do you buy cars for wrecking?

Typically not. I usually only buy cars that either run, or if you can tell me the reason it doesn’t. You will find someone more suitable to buy your car if it is a wreck taking up space in your backyard by searching “car wreckers Brisbane” or something similar.