Like every business, even the one you may work for, a wholesale market and a retail market exists.

Someone is always selling something.

After all, how are your wages paid for?

The car business is no different.

There is a premium market price for any make and model car.

You can look these up on internet resources like Redbook and get an idea.

(how accurate these sorts of sites are in the “real world” is another matter!)

You have two options to sell your car for cash:

1. Sell retail and try and get a higher price. 2. Sell wholesale – to motor dealers (i.e. my site you are on right now).

CarSales is arguably the go-to place for retail car selling in Australia.

Certainly for Brisbane.

But when was the last time you tried to sell a car in Brisbane at a “retail price” on CarSales.

Or Drive.

Or Gumtree?

It takes time.

And selling a car retail is more involved than you may initially think.

Sure put up an ad.

Wait for the phone to ring.

Someone comes to look.

They pay their cash into your bank account.

Then they are on their merry way.

Everyone will tell you it is this easy right?


To start with, it will cost you up to $110 to advertise your car on CarSales and/or other sites.

Then you wait.

And wait.

And wait…

Then you get someone call.

They say they’ll be there at 6pm just after work.

You wait.

They don’t turn up.

No courtesy call to tell you.

You wait.

Maybe after a few viewings over a few weeks/months, you have an interested buyer.

They want to test drive.

Are you insured if they have an accident?

Have you got them to sign liability acceptance should they damage your car in any way?

Then you need a safety certificate to sell a registered car.

This is about $100 before any work is done.

Maybe your car hasn’t had a service for a while?

The tyres are a bit worn or uneven.

It may cost hundreds to earn a certificate ready for sale.

No rego?

Add another $400 or so for 6 months for a 4 cylinder car.

More for bigger cars.

Then they haggle.

But you’ve already paid a small fortune getting the safety certificate!

Doesn’t matter.

The buyer wants to buy privately to get a bargain.

Do you have finance on your car?

Need to sort that out.

Registration transfer forms too.

More time spent with your buyer.


Let me compare the while situation like this:

Licensed motor dealers trade in cars every day.

It is their (our) business.

We know what do do.

In the most efficient manner.

Do you grow your own vegetables instead of going to the supermarket?

Do you milk your own cows or buy it from the corner store?

Do you get your own jobs or let a recruiter negotiate it for you?

Do you post your own mail or pay Australia Post to do it?

It comes down to time and price.

Let me buy your car today the easy way.

An excellent alternative to trading in or selling privately.