Backpacker Cars

Are you a backpacker finishing your Australian backpacking adventure in Brisbane?

Are you left with a car or van to sell?

Perhaps you have tried Gumtree or other online selling sites without any luck.

If you need to sell your car for cash quickly today, now or soon, I am a good option for you to consider.


As a licensed motor dealer, you can sell me your car today no matter what the circumstances:

  • I will buy cars registered in any state.
  • Out of registration? No worries.
  • You DON’T need any certificates or slips – I can buy any car as is.
  • Is it dirty, dusty and needing a little love? Again, no problems, we fix this sort of stuff.
  • Perhaps you haven’t serviced it as well as you could have and there are a few leaks and rattles… We fix this stuff before on-selling.

If you have made any enquiries, you will already know every Australian state and Territory has different rules and regulations about buying and selling cars. Also each jurisdiction has a different registration body.

Meaning you can’t transfer the registration from another state to the state you find yourself in when you want to sell your car for cash.

I’ve been buying and selling cars in Brisbane for many years and there isn’t much I don’t know about how to do it most efficiently – and I welcome you to call me and ask me with any questions you have about selling your car.

The main problem you will face is getting a car “roadworthy” and obtaining a safety certificate to sell it here in Queensland.

Say for example your brakes need replacing.

You would need to do this before selling privately and to do the brake pads on say a standard car (a Ford Falcon or say a Holden Commodore) would cost you easily $400 or so.

Usually to achieve a safety certificate to sell your car, you will need to do a host of other mechanical repairs the mechanic says are necessary after an inspection.

Most cars we see need maybe $1,000 or more to achieve safety certificate standard.

By selling your car to me, you don’t need to worry about this stuff at all.

I will buy your car as is.

Just bring it to me or I may be able to come to you. We agree a price. I pay you cash. You sign a form to confirm you have sold the car to me. THAT’s IT. I take the car and you are finished.

Call me on 0411 362 229 if you are a backpacker at the end of your trip in Brisbane. Chances are I will have a cash offer for your car or van today.