Is it time to sell either a used car at home or from a commercial fleet you manage?

I am a local and licensed motor trader located in Brisbane’s inner south close to the Gateway and M1 Pacific Highway.

I offer fair wholesale trade prices and make the process easy.

Because I am a licensed motor dealer with the Office of Fair Trading, I have all the paperwork ready so you can quickly offload your unwanted car.

Are You Looking For A Decent Used Car Buyer to Sell Your Car Quickly?

I don’t have any bosses to report to or need to check anything with.

It happens a lot in sales – “just wait, I’ll check with my manager”…

There’s none of that with me.

I am the person you will deal with from the first phone call to the transferring of your cash and being rid of your car.

There are quite a few places offering cash for cars in Brisbane, but I reckon I offer one of the simplest, no fuss services and I invite you to try me out.

I am a Car Buyer With Quality Cars To Sell Too

It’s true, lots of cars I buy have simply too many problems to fix and resell.

But these cars are generally sent to auction houses to be someone else’s problem.

I keep only the best cars I buy and sell them from my lockup warehouse.

When/if you visit my premises, you will see a mechanic’s workstation complete with hoist.

Our mechanic goes over every car top to bottom and where necessary, we conduct basic repairs and maintenance to bring them back up to top condition ready to put my name on them to sell.

The types of typical repairs we do are things like suspension bushes, rubbers and seals, brake pads and rotors, radiator & hose repairs, oil changes and replacement of light assemblies.

If a car needs much more than these simple maintenance items fixed, they will generally go to auction or be sold “as is” on Gumtree.

Want to Sell Right Now, Today?

You can choose to have any Qld registration either transferred to my business – or if you prefer, you can cancel your registration with Qld Transport.

Make sure you let me know in advance though, because you may find yourself with an unregistered car you can’t get to me!

But even in this case, I have a Qld Transport “trade plate” which allows me to drive purchased unregistered vehicles short distances.

Make sure you take all of your belongings out of the car.

This includes items in the glove box.

Except for the logbooks and manual – I need to keep those.

Remember to take your toll reader off the windscreen.

These get forgotten about all the time.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Brisbane by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.