How much have things changed if you want to buy and sell cars in the strange Covid-19 Coronavirus times?

I’ve been in the motor trading industry a long time and like everyone else, these times are definitely unprecedented.

But all in all, I’m surprised how little things have changed, except for one major thing.

I’m busier than ever!

Both the buying cars part of my business AND the selling part of my business have really gone nuts.

If you had have asked me for a prediction in March 2020, there is no way I would have predicted this in the Brisbane and Queensland lockdown period.

If anything has changed though, it seems to me that more and more people are holding onto their used cars for longer.

Maybe because they are generally not driving as much with all of the work-from-home changes?

But although more people are now working from home, anecdotally, a lot of people I speak with are happy they can finally get back to normal and be working in their workplaces.

Anyway, what impact has this had on my cash for cars business?

Like said, not all that much really.

Except maybe I am paying a little more now than last year for like-for-like used cars.

But I am also getting a little more on the sale prices in turn.

So if anything, now is a grea time to call me and get a price for the car you want to sell quickly, today, now or soon in Brisbane.

It couldn’t be easier to do.

This article will explain how I pay cash for used cars in Brisbane.

Of if you prefer to message, simply advise me of the basic details of your used car by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.