Maintaining Your Car

I realise if you are reading this post you are probably looking to sell your car today in Brisbane and the horse has already bolted.

But I’d like to share a few tips for your next car!

So in summary, maintaining a car is good practice because:

  • Ever heard the adage “spending a little now saves lots later?”. Probably not because I just made it up. But it is true.
  • Repairs generally cost much more if they need to be done reactively. The complete failure of worn parts may impact other parts.
  • Regular maintenance can pick up the early warning signs of possible major damage.
  • Running costs can be reduced when everything is as per spec and functioning as designed.
  • Reduces the risk of failure and breaking down at always the wrong moments.
  • Can improve the longer term resale value – or if not the value so much, then it is definitely easier to sell your car when you can show a history of care.
  • Driving will be smoother.
  • Fuel economy can be improved.
  • Tyre wear is affected by poorly maintained suspension. Tyres are expensive.

Out of mind out of sight is not a good mandate to operate by.

Without you knowing, just everyday running of your less than well maintained car can develop irreversible damage you can’t even see or feel when driving.

Changing oil is a good example to use.

Best practice for most cars should see you dumping your oil at least every 10,000 kms. Some people even change their oil and filter every 5,000 kms.

Build up of sludge inside your engine can cause oil starvation to individual pockets and lead to complete engine failure. Read $$$.

Seriously, spending a little more to maintain your car is so well worth it for the reasons above.

When it is time to sell your car, it will be worth more to me and for more cash to you!