I work daily around the southside of Brisbane and I am often in or around Fairfield.

I have been living and working on the south side of Brisbane for many years now and currently operate my small warehouse not far away in Mansfield nestled right in between the Pacific Motorway and the Gateway Motorway.

When you can me to sell your car quickly, today, now or soon, it is me who you will be talking to.

The mobile number you see on this page is my actual number.

It may seem a little strange to highlight this point, but more and more I have customers telling em when they call a car buying service in Brisbane, the people they talk to are actually in a call centre that farm out the leads to Brisbane agents/dealers.

I’ve been doing this a long time and I offer you a hassle free and streamlined service to sell your car for cash.

Why Sell Your Car To Me?

The licensing and local reason above is already a pretty good reason, but this is why others call me to sell their car to.

Selling your car can be a lot of work, cost a lot of money and in inconvenient.

You may or may not realise, but when you intend to sell a registered car in Qld, you are required to have a current certificate of roadworthiness.

This means you need to get your car inspected by a mechanic licensed to provide your car with a safety certificate.

If your car fails this safety certificate – which many do first time around, you will be required to bring it up to standard.

This might mean you need new tyres, windscreen, fix rust or even need significant mechanical work (e.g. suspension, brakes, etc).

Advertising is not only expensive on the CarSales website, you then need to wait for the phone to ring.

And when it does, be prepared for time wasters.

Lots of people call and say they are coming to look at your car with the intention to buy, but then don’t turn up with no notification.

People can be very rude and ignorant like this.

If you call me, I make the process very simple.

You see this is my core business – so I do all of the above for a living and run it all in “the system”.

Typically people call me, we arrange to meet on the same day or within a few days, we negotiate a price, fill out a one page simple piece of paperwork then you leave.


Do I Actually Pay Cash For Cars in Brisbane?

As time has gone by, people tend to prefer bank transfers.

These days mostly I do a bank transfer from my Commonwealth Bank merchant account straight into your account in front of your eyes.

Usually the money actually clears overnight.

If you prefer folding cash for your car, I can easily arrange this in advance.

The Commonwealth Bank Branch is only up the road from me.

What Sort of Cars Do I Buy?

I buy all sorts of used cars in Fairfield and Brisbane more generally!

I may make you an offer on all makes and models.

I tend to buy a lot of the usual sedans, hatchbacks, utes and 4WDs you see on the road every day.

I even buy the European and American brands as well as the more ubiquitous Japanese and Australian cars.

If you live in Fairfield and the car you want to sell today, soon or now is located here, just give me a call. Perhaps you can drop by my shed or I may be able to come to you.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Fairfield by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.