Do This Every Time Before You Buy A Car

Before you buy ANY car in Brisbane, or anywhere for that matter, do what I do.

If you haven’t heard about the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR), and you plan to buy a car privately then you need to know about the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) which a few years ago replaced REVS, VCheck QLD, VicRoads and other state registers.

You can get access to this federally administered database of ALL registered Australian cars at

By paying a small fee, you get X-Ray vision straight into any car’s DNA.

By using the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) it will check if there is any money owing on the vehicle – otherwise known as an encumbrance.

Why is this important?

If there is any money owing on the vehicle, usually the vehicle itself is held as collateral.

Which means the bank or finance company can possibly take the car away from you if the previous owner defaults on payments.

Which is surely what will happen once they have sold the car to you.

The PPSR report will also tell you if the car is stolen – or has ever been a “repairable write-off”.

The report also confirms other details such as the car’s registration plates, registration expiry, engine number and basic make/model details to confirm you are in fact negotiating on the right car.

For some of you reading this article, this will be the best few bucks you’ve ever spent.

Just last week I had a guy call me wanting to sell his 2002 Toyota MR2.

Something smelled a bit fishy with this guy.

I carried on and continued the negotiation and we agreed on a price.

Like I do every time, I did a PPSR check before handing over any money.

My suspicions were well founded and the car had been listed with the police as stolen within the previous 24 hours.

Be careful out there in the cars buying and selling world!

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