Video for Cash For Cars Brisbane

For those people more visual and who do searches on YouTube, I made a very simple video version of my car buying advertisement.

Pretty basic I know.

But it really is a simple message.

Do you have a car sitting in your driveway not being used?

Can’t be bothered going to all the bother of cleaning it, taking photos and spending money on advertising it?

Then of course having people coming to kick the tyres usually at times like late in the evenings or early in the mornings, not convenient to you.

This is the usual car buying process.

But I offer a better way for you to get cash for your car today in Brisbane.

Being a licensed motor dealer I can buy your car whether it is clean or dirty, in good or bad condition – and if it is registered or not.

Usually in under 15 minutes I can arrive to inspect the car – or perhaps you can bring it into my warehouse in Mansfield (Brisbane South Side) to inspect, we can agree a price, then I fill out the paperwork required to transfer the ownership to get it out of your life.

I can pay cash in folding notes or via bank transfer.

It is up to you.

My number is 0411 362 229 and I hope I can buy your car today.