I like to buy and pay cash for utes all over Brisbane.

Sometimes utes I get called about are a bit rough.

Which is fair enough – they are quite often a tradie’s bus, lunchroom and office.

If you are thinking about selling yours, you can go through all the hassle of preparing it for sale, getting a safety certificate inspection, doing the work required to bring it up to roadworthy, advertising it (this can be a minefield to know which is the best car selling website for this type of vehicle), having bozos call you up at all hours – and especially when you are busy, then not turning up when they say they will….

I could go on and on.

Selling cars/ute3s is not your core business – it is mine.

It’s kind of like making your own clothes.

Sure you could do it…

You could head down to Spotlight and buy some material.

You could do some research on the internet and download a pattern.

You could buy or borrow a sewing machine and put it all together.

And presto – after wasting a lot of four letter words, you now have a pair of work shorts 3 months later.

You were able to make them for only $30 too. You probably saved $20 or $30 on a new pair of Bisleys you might have bought from a workwear shop.

Was it worth it?

I offer you the workwear shop.

Sure you might not get quite as much as you would going to all the bother of selling privately, but it is a shitload easier.

I look at your ute for sale, we agree a price in the condition it is in, I pay it then and there in cash.

You take the cash for your car, I take the car.

All in the space of 20 minutes or so.

Sound appealing?

Call me on 0411 362 229 and I may have a cash offer for your ute in Brisbane today.