I’m Paul and I have been an independent and licensed used car buyer in Brisbane for many years now.

Why do I use the word “licensed”? Ive covered this in the last paragraph below.

I live in Brisbane’s inner south and often travel to Underwood, Springwood, Kingston and other areas in Logan City buying and selling used cars.

And again that word “used cars” and the fact I am a buyer and seller of them.

For some people this carries a stigma and can be the butt of jokes!

But for me I am proud to have built a solid career and lifestyle buying used cars, preparing them for sale in a responsible manner, then selling great quality used cars to the buyers of Brisbane.

Good Reasons To Sell Your Car To Me (Now) After Getting Donuts on Carsales or Gumtree?

So you need to sell your car.

It’s a quick and easy process right?

Wrong! Certainly for most people.

Once you have decided to sell your car, there are quite a few things you need to prepare.

Firstly, no registered car in Queensland can be sold with out an RWC (Roadworthy Certificate OR also known as a Safety Certificate).

Before advertising, you need to pay a mechanic to get one.

A mechanic does a full safety inspection and if your car fails – as many do even for small reasons, you need to get them fixed before the mechanic will issue the certificate.

Typical issues are worn tyres (expensive!), suspension parts, seatbelts not quite working properly or frayed, brakes, leaks, etc.

Then after spending whatever $ you need to bring all the items up to scratch, you need to revisit the mechanic for a reinspection and issue of certificate.

If you are busy, imagine the mucking around of arranging these inspections in business hours!

Now you have the certificate it is time to advertise your car for sale.

But wait – you’re not giving yourself the best chance of selling it for a good price – or at all if it is not presented well.

As a car dealer, I know cars that aren’t detailed and presented well simply don’t sell quickly.

Think of the sand/dust in the crevices between the seats, or the crumbs your kids have dropped down there after all these years.

Also any little scratches.

And for whatever reason, most people lift the bonnet even if they don’t have a clue what they are looking at.

When was the last time you detailed the engine bay?

The obvious wearing of various pieces of upholstery…

All these things are important to a retail car buyer.

Once you have done all you are going to do in terms of preparing your car for sale, then it is time to spend some time and money on the advertising.

CarSales is the biggest and arguably the best place to sell your car online.

Do you know how to take appealing photos?

It is definitely not as easy as ripping out your iPhone and taking a few snaps.

Most sellers have appalling photography of their car for sale.

Bad light, bad angles and generally poor composition.

This is often a crucially overlooked piece fo the puzzle of getting enquiries for your car.

But is it that important?

This is often an example I ask people to think about whenever they ask the same question:

“Do McDonalds put images of burgers their Springwood store sells to Mr O’Brien of Rochedale on their TV advertising?”

Of course not! They spend literally thousands of dollars on the burger/food presentation of every advertisement you see either in store or on TV.

They understand the importance of putting their product for sale in the best possible light.

ALL of these things can be overlooked if you sell to me.

You can bring your car to me in the condition it is in after the school drop-off on any given day.

You see, this is my core business and I do all of the above every single day.

I make the whole process simple and easy to sell your car today, in its current condition for cash.

What Do I Have To Do To Sell My Car Straight Away To You Paul?

First of all, now that you have found me, give me a call on 0411362229 or fill in the simple form on the homepage.

Typically we will speak on the phone and you will tell me a little bit about your car and we can arrange for me to inspect your used car for sale at a convenient location.

We can then discuss the price you want and how much I am prepared to pay.

Usually this invloves a little of negotiation – you sell to me your high points and I point out the low points.

There’s always a price in the middle somewhere we can both live with.

Then we can prepare the one-page paperwork.

It is called a vendor’s statement which states that you won the car, and that my business is buying it as-is.

Once you sign it, I will pay you cash for your car.

Or I will transfer directly into your bank account.

It is up to you!

But either way, you have sold your car in a day – not waiting for the phone to ring over a long period of time after doing all of the work mentioned above!

Are You Independent or Part of a Bigger Company?

No definitely not!

I am local, licensed and independent.

When you call my phone number, you speak with me.

National car buying companies are on the ride in Australia.

So if you call them from a Google ad or a Google search your call is answered by a clerk in another city/state.

Then they will arrange one of their “agents” to take the lead and do their best to buy your car for very cheap without even looking at it.

I will NEVER buy a car without looking at it or meeting you.

After all, would you buy a car sight unseen from someone you don’t know?

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Underwood by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.