Trade Ins

Why Trade In My Old Car?

As well as paying cash for cars, I also trade.

If you are scrolling through my blog, you will notice last week I bought a 2005 Ford Courier from Matt.

Funnily enough Duncan from Stafford came in this week to buy it, and had an older Courier he wanted to trade in.

It’s an oldie but a goodie…

A 1997 model with over 300,000 on the clock but these utes seem to go forever.

Just spend a bit on maintenance here and there and your friends will keep calling whenever they need something shifted.

Even if you are not buying a new car, my service is like a trade in service.

I can usually offer you a cash price on the spot for your car.

If you look at the Courier in the photo above, it is not the best.

But every used car has a new home – for a price.

If you’re thinking about a trade in, or just selling your car to get rid of the hassle of selling privately on CarSales or elsewhere, call me on 0411 362 229.

Along the same lines, I just wrote an article about a customer of mine who went to Brisbane BMW to trade in his Mazda 3. An interesting story of how to get a better price for your trade in.