Trade In Mazda 3 Best Price

Dr D is a medical practitioner on the Northside of Brisbane.

He wanted to trade his Mazda 3 for a new BMW from Brisbane BMW.

They offered a trade-in price.

But Dr D called me to make sure this was the best offer he could get.

He had this 2011 Mazda 3 with only 18,000kms on the clock.

In Auto and in great shape except for a few scratches on the bonnet.

After only a little negotiation, I was able to offer him $500 more than the trade-in price from Brisbane BMW on this occasion.

A trade in price offered by a dealership is usually a price they know they can “get rid” of a car they wouldn’t keep for themselves.

After all, Brisbane BMW deal in new and used BMWs primarily.

So as great as this Mazda 3 is (for me anyway!) it doesn’t suit their stock and is only getting in their way of realising a better profit on the new BMW they sold Dr D.

So if you are trading up to a new car in Brisbane, give me a call before you do and see if I have some extra money sitting on the table for you.

I will arrange all the paperwork quickly and pay you cash straight into your nominated bank account – just like I did for Dr D.

Trading your car? Call me on 0411 362 229 before you do.

Even if it is just to check.