If you have found me needing cash for your car in South Brisbane, give me a call first.

There are plenty of car buyers in Brisbane, but the last few years has seen a few interstate large mobs move in.

They sometimes make offers on your car without seeing it. Don’t fall this this old chestnut! 9 times out of 10, they will later turn up to take your car, do some tyre kicking then explain why your car isn’t worth as much as they indicated either over the phone or on their website. It’s all about getting the lead, then hoping you can’t be bothered arguing then let the car go at a bargain basement price.

I don’t do this. I will always insist on meeting you whether it is at my workplace, your home, your workplace or somewhere in between.

I’ve been around for a long time and have been buying and selling cars in South Brisbane for many years.

I am local, licensed and independent. The number you call or the email you send comes directly to me – and just me.

What Cars Do You Buy?

I buy all sorts of used cars, but the sweet spot for me are registered cars/wagons/utes/4WDs between $2k and $15k.

But don’t let this scare you off if yours is cheaper or dearer.

I often buy running cars that are almost bound for the scrapyard – or pretty well used cars returned from travelling backpackers.

I also buy prestige luxury cars.

Right now I have 2 customers I’m on the lookout for a late model Mercedes Benz. Looking to spend up to $80k on a well looked after late model German car.

Because I have been around for a long time, I also have a large network of wholesalers and retailers that you might not oterhwise find. So even if your car isn’t right for me to buy directly, I might find an immediate home for it on your behalf.

Why Should You Sell Your Car To Me Now?

I make the process of selling a used car in South Brisbane very easy.

After you call, we will arrange to meet and I will discuss with you the history and condition of the car and take it for a short test drive.

If we can agree a price we are both willing to pay/accept, I have a simple one page form known as a “vendor’s statement” which transfers ownership and registration from you as an individual(s) (or business as the case may be) to my licensed motor dealer business.

I will pay you either cash – or usually now I transfer directly into your nominated bank account from my authorised Commonwealth Bank merchant account.

You have other options – trade-in or sell privately.

Trading in sometimes makes a double margin for the dealer you trade with. Most often, your car is probably not an ideal trade for the dealer selling you the new car. The price offered for it is usually quite low to compensate for this and the fact most people are so excited to get their new car, the value of the old car is somewhat depreciated.

Selling privately is a lot of work.

You have to get a RWC (safety certificate – road worthy certificate) which can sometimes cost a bit to get safety items like brakes, tyres, suspension parts fixed up to the correct standard.

You also have to advertise and have multiple people taking your time up at home tyre kicking and wasting your time.

And depending on the car, most take at least a fee months to sell.

Sell your car to me and it could be out of your garage within hours not months!

If you live in South Brisbane and the car you want to sell today, soon or now is located here, just give me a call and let’s see what the best offer is I can come up for you.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in East Brisbane by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.