Sell Used Car Brisbane

Sell Used Car Brisbane.

This is what I do but of course as this website suggests, I can also buy your used car in Brisbane 7 days per week.

You see, I am a licensed motor dealer.

My personal Office of Fair Trading licence number is 3565013.

What I write below is only my opinion – but based on years of buying and selling used cars in Brisbane.

This industry has been plagued by bad perception and more recently a bad reputation earned.

You see the Office of Fair Trading Queensland has made it easier for unscrupulous people to enter the industry with poorly issued licenses via Registered Training Organisations offering sub-standard training over the internet.

Compounding to this problem, they are supposed to be the industry watchdog.

But their resources only stretch so far.

Dealer auctions over time have more and more public bidding – and these people being issued with cars purchased through this wholesale market with limited or no checks as to their licensed status.

(To be fair the more reputable auction houses do not allow this practice – e.g. Brisbane Motor Auctions where I bid from time to time).

Auction prices are therefore pushed up and it has been my observation, the quality of used cars for sale in Brisbane through this means has diminished over time as well.

Back-yarders without licenses are also filling the “private” market with cars.

If you want to sell used car Brisbane then you have a few options – advertise and wait knowing the pitfalls of doing this, or sell your car directly to me – a reputable (do an internet search on me!) licensed motor dealer.

Call me on 0411 362 229 to see if I can pay cash for your car if you want to sell it quickly.