Getting good reviews is a very important part of any small business.

We encourage all of our customers to use Google Reviews and leave feedback from our small business.

It can easily be said that people generally only want to shout when they have had a bad or negative experience and tell the world how they have been wronged.

If you haven’t done so already, please click on the link above and you can see many reviews our customers have left over the years.

They are overwhelmingly positive which is of course exactly what we strive for.

It just makes good business sense if you are around for the long haul. Like I am.

Sell My Car Brisbane Reviews – The Good Ones

As mentioned and you may have already seen, it gives me great pleasure to get so many great reviews.

If you have found this website for the first time today, it is likely you are wanting to sell a car quickly, today, now or soon.

Of course I can help you with that!

The positive reviews on Google are 50/50 from people I have done business with selling and buying cars.

When selling cars, they are all open books.

I invested in a car hoist a few years ago now and I encourage any car buyer to inspect any car I sell to use it. I also welcome anyone to bring a knowledgable friend with any mechanical experience to come with you.

You see I have my personal mechanic go over each and every car and we fix on premises any niggles or worn parts that would fail a safety certificate.

Obviously with any used car, there are various parts and pieces that may be in various stages of their useful life.

Not everything is new!

And the pricing of any used car should reflect this.

People really appreciate this approach to selling cars in Brisbane and the use of the hoist is very popular.

Sell My Car Brisbane Reviews – The Bad Ones

Unfortunately we get the odd 1 star review.

It is annoying to me there seem to be a few trolls out there that take pleasure slurring small businesses for no reason.

If you have a look at the handful of 1 star reviews we have got, the author has not left any comments.

I always reply to their 1 star review either questioning if we have ever met before – or if we have, to ask where they feel I let them down so I can either address it with them or make it better for future customers.

Not once has any of these people replied!

There is only one genuine situation where I received a negative review from someone I definitely dealt with.

He really wanted one of the cars I had for sale and needed finance.

But he had a bad credit history and took a long time getting approval for a loan.

There’s nothing I can do to speed up the process of finance approval nor improve the chances of achieving it.

He was upset when he came back to me weeks later that I had sold the car.

I will not hold cars for anyone unless they pay me a cash deposit that is either non-refundable, or we agree to reasonable and timely terms.

That’s fair enough isn’t it???

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Brisbane by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.