If you live in Robertson and have a used car for sale today, fast, now or soon, there are lots of good reasons you should call me to discuss it.

I’m Paul and I have been in the motor trade business for many years now and buy cars in Robertson.

If you need someone to “buy my car” and avoid the usual pain of selling I can help.

How Do I Make The Selling of a Used Car Simple?

The best part for you I suppose is how quick and easy I make the process.

Selling a car can be a long and annoying process.

This is how it usually happens if you advertise on CarSales or Gumtree – the two best places to advertise.

After you decide that you need someone to buy your car second hand, you need to do some preparation.

You need to make it run well and look nice.

Sounds simple right?

Every used car with registration in Queensland is required by law to be sold with a Roadworthy certificate.

Also known as a RWC, this is a mechanical certificate provided buy licensed mechanics that certify the car’s safety.

Most people’s car need some sort of work done.

It may be new tyres, seatbelts, oil leaks, suspension parts or even for older cars, rust.

Some people get a shock at how much this can cost – for example a set of new tyres are at the very least $350 for a very small car.

If I buy your car, you don’t need to worry about any of this.

Also, cars better presented sell faster.

You may have some scratches or little dints in your car. Are there any part of the interior a little worn?

If yes, buyers are ruthless in noticing and either beating you down in price – or selecting another car in favour of yours.

Again – as a car dealer, I see through these sorts of things and get these things done as a matter of course in my business.

Time. It takes time to sell a car.

A friend of mine recently sold a 2012 Holden Captiva for my aunty privately.

It was about as perfect as this model can be second hand. New tyres, complete Holden dealer servicing, LX model (top of the range) and only 58,000kms.

It took 4 months to sell and although Redbook (pricing guide) suggested $17,000 would be a fair retail price for it, he only achieved $13,500.

Sell to me and we could possibly do a deal today and I take it immediately.

What Is The Process If You Buy My Car?

First of all, now that you have found me, give me a call on 0411362229 or fill in the simple form on the homepage.

I live close by in Norman Park and my medium sized warehouse is on Brisbane’s south side.

We can arrange to meet at a mutually convenient location. Either at your home, work or at my business’s premises.

I will look over your car and discuss with you what price you are hoping to get.

If we can agree a price we are both satisfied with, then I will test drive your car, give it a final look over, and prepare the paperwork.

Which takes only 10 minutes!

It is called a vendor’s statement which states that you won the car, and that my business is buying it as-is.

Once you sign it, I will pay you cash for your car.

Or I will transfer directly into your bank account.

It is up to you!

But either way, you have sold your car in a day – not 4 months.

Are You a Part of A Car Buying Network?

No definitely not!

I am local and independent.

When you call the number, you speak with me.

In recent years, national car buying networks have sprung up with centralised call centres.

So if you respond to an ad (that sometimes look like normal Google search results) your call may be directed to a salesperson in Sydney.

Then they will arrange one of their “agents” to take the lead and do their best to buy your car for very cheap without even looking at it.

I will NEVER buy a car without looking at it or meeting you.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Robertson by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.