Should you call me to sell your car in the Redlands, you’re making a good call.

Over the past many years, I have operated my small business just next door in Mansfield.

I buy and have sold many used cars in the Redlands and I’m not far away to pay you cash for your unwanted car.

What Sort of Used Cars Do I Buy

I buy just about everything.

Just recently from a lady in Alexandra Hills, I bought a 2008 yellow Suzuki Swift hatch.

Ann quite simply didn’t want the hassle of preparing her car for sale, getting a roadworthy certificate, then advertising it having people come to her place to kick tyres.

She also said she didn’t want to go through the long drawn out negotiation process with multiple punters and “know it alls”.

I also buy 4WDs.

I reckon there could possibly be more 4WD vehicles for sale in the Redlands than anywhere else?

I have bought many 4WDs including Nissan Patrols and Toyota Landcruisers from all over the Redlands from Thornside to Birkdale.

As long as your car is running – or has a simple explanation as to why it isn’t (e.g. dead battery) I will be interested in making you an offer.

I don’t buy wrecks however.

There are plenty of services of people with trucks and offer recycling services all over Brisbane and should at least remove it for free.

How Does The Car Buyer Process Work?

It is so much more simple than doing this yourself.

Simply call me directly on 0411362229 – it is me you will talk to, not a call centre and no redirections.

I’ll ask you a few simple questions about your car and how quickly you want to sell it.

We arrange a mutually suitable time and place for us to meet and for me to look over your car – whether it is currently registered or not.

I will make you an offer you can either accept, negotiate – or take on board to think about and come back to me.

Either way, I bring everything you need including the Qld Transport paperwork to transfer ownership from you to me as a licensed motor dealer.

I pay you cash and you leave the car with me!

(after taking out all of your belongings – including the Linkt toll beeper!)

It is that easy.

Hopefully I can help you sell your car for cash today in the Redlands.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in the Redlands by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.