RACQ Inspections

What is an RACQ inspection and should I get one when buying a used car?

This is not a black and white question able to be answered.

Because it matters a lot how much mechanical smarts you have.

An RACQ inspection isn’t a simple off-the-shelf inspection product.

They have a choice of 5 or 6 options depending on the nature of your vehicle or the level of thoroughness you want the check to be.

But whichever inspection product you choose, it is an independent check up of a car you are considering buying prior to handing your money over.

If you have no idea of cars and what to look for in determining whether you have a good or a bad one on your hands, then an inspection should be done.

It doesn’t have to be done by RACQ either.

Any qualified and independent mechanic can provide you this service.

If you consider yourself to have at least a little bit of an idea, there are also resources you can find online.

One such resource I recommend is an eBook called “Don’t Buy a Lemon” which you can find the link to on this Homepage.

In it you will find a heap of reminders and helpful tips of what to look for when purchasing a used car.

Some ideas you will know of and should be considered common sense, but others are probably things you wouldn’t think of checking yourself.

One such example is checking the tyre pressure to see if they are not too high.

A high tyre pressure (e.g. 38+ psi) may give the impression of a smoother ride and iron out some nasty bumps which otherwise might be felt.

This eBook has heaps of little things in it like this to consider.

If you have some sort of mechanical background, you may not need a mechanic to go over a car to know it is a good one.

Generally cars you are considering from reputable dealers will be a much lower risk than those being sold privately.

It is in a motor dealer’s best interest to sell quality cars because we are liable for warranty repairs.

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