Mazda 3 For Sale?

The new Mazda 3 has been a popular model in Australia ever since it first arrived in the early 2000s.

They are both efficient and powerful for their size and offer a comfortable drive.

All in the late model Mazda 3 come in both hatchback and in a 4 door saloon which is also popular in the larger Mazda 6 model.

Both versions of the Mazda 3 look great and a heap of fun to drive – especially the nice and tight little manual gearbox varieties.

The Mazda 3 is of great size for front passengers, however other competitive models do offer more legroom for back seat passengers. The roof slopes back too making it even more uncomfortable for tall people in the back. This is mainly because of the small rear quarter windows – which look great at the expense of this comfort for some.

The front seats have always been a highlight of the car. They are VERY comfortable in both the standard models and the sportier SP23.

The Mazda 3 has been designed to feel like a little sports car which will exhilarate the driver, but for your passengers, maybe not as much. Because it is not the quietest car on the road nor is it the smoothest in its class.

The main standout of the earlier Mazda 3s was the dashboard and its lights. It was quite revolutionary being all black and red illumination. As with the first models, the speedo takes front and centre and is comparatively large. Nearly all in car functions can be controlled by steering wheel buttons, touch screens or a rotary knob behind the gear shift depending on which year/model you have.

It’s hard to fault such a great car but as well as the rear passenger comfort mentioned above, the car does have a few blind spots mainly because of its sleek sloping roof design. You will need to take extra care using your mirrors and turning your head to check for traffic in your blind spots and when attempting to reverse park.

One of the best features of the Mazda 3 is its steering and handling on the road.

It still comes with a 3 year warranty which is comparatively poor to its Korean rivals – especially Kia. In my experience though not a lot seems to go too wrong with them.

In all the years selling Mazda 3 cars, I’ve had one come back with a cruise control fault. But this was because at one point circa 2008 this was an option fitted by the dealer. Not factory.

It’s fuel economy is excellent compared to the power and the quality of the drive you get in return.

They tend to hold their value quite well and sell better than other models in Brisbane.

If you have a Mazda 3 to sell or for that matter if you have found this post wanting to buy one, please give me a call on 0411 362 229 and we can discuss your options.