Is A Car Dealer Your Friend?

Seems like an odd question right?

We all know the motor dealer stereotypes.

The problem with this industry is the nature of the product.

The product we are dealing with is a used car.

Which means ever since the car left the manufacturing plant however long ago, every one of the literally thousands of parts have been wearing at different rates.

Some parts will still be like new.

Others will have been already replaced once already or perhaps even more often.

Others will be worn.

And others still will be work to the point of requiring replacement.

On top of all of this, the cars you buy or sell in Brisbane are not cheap.

For most people, the turning over and selling of their cars once every few years represents a significant investment – perhaps the biggest of that year.

So there is the perspective.

Car dealers in in the business to make money.

What do you do?

Even if you are a public servant, your salary is coming from someone else paying.

The idea for us is pretty simple. We need to buy cars for less than we can sell them for.

We need to take into consideration how much a car we buy is going to cost for roadworthy certificate.

Then there is registration – in Queensland this is about $400 for 6 months including CTP (Compulsory Third Party Insurance).

So please don’t be offended if the price I offer you for your car is too low sometimes.

It may not be your car isn’t worth more, it is just not worth more to me, right now.

I’m not here to rip you off.

To the contrary, you may (or may not) be surprised how often people try to rip me off.

Trying to sell me cars which have been previously written off – or having significant defects being hidden.

I’m your friend if you need cash for your car in Brisbane now.

Every car has a price – even if it is not much.

Call me on 0411 362 229 to find out if I have a cash offer waiting for you with your car.