How To Sell A Car Quickly In Brisbane – A Courier Story

Matt had this 2005 Ford Courier to sell.

It’s a good tradesman’s car.

A nice 4 door crewcab trayback ute.

He hadn’t tried to sell it privately.

He couldn’t be bothered and had already purchased his new Toyota Camry for highway driving.

He no longer needed the trayback ute.

When he called me, it was good timing.

My retail stock at Brisbane Car shed didn’t have any utes.

He drove to meet me at Coorparoo on Saturday morning armed with his registration papers and a long list of receipts for work he had done on the vehicle since he had it.

Any car with a documented/stamped service history is worth more than a car that doesn’t.

Simply because a car with good logbooks is easier to sell at the other end!

We were able to agree a price on the spot.

So within 20 minutes, Matt was on his way minus a ute.

We transferred the cash directly into his bank account using the Commonwealth bank internet transfer.

Although he doesn’t bank with Commonwealth for an immediate transfer, we completed the transfer in front of him and sent a bank generated confirmation email.

This way he was comfortable knowing the money would clear in the morning.

Cars are always going down in price. Well nearly always anyway.

A car sold today is worth more than tomorrow.

Figuratively speaking of course.

What I mean by this statement is as follows:

In a week or two the registration may be due.

Maybe in another 2 months the insurance is due as well.

If you waited to sell your car in 2 month’s time, these expenses will have been paid.

Sure you might get a refund on your insurance, but they usually take a good whack from it.

Any registration is usually sold with the car.

If you’re thinking about selling your car, call me on 0411 362 229 now because the price is probably worth more to you today than it will be tomorrow.