How To Contact Me To Sell Your Car

I receive quite a few calls during the day with people wanting to sell their cars for cash in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

As such, if I am talking to someone or someone is showing me their car when you ring, I cannot answer.

It doesn’t happen all the time but if it happens to you, I do encourage you to either send me an email from the homepage or leave a brief message.

The phone is the best way to get me.

Perhaps if I don’t answer the first time, try again in 30 minutes or so.

But there is usually a good chance I will have come back to the office – or back in the car after visiting someone and have already called the missed number.

Emails may take me a little longer to reply to, but all the same I get every one and do my level best to make sure I have come back to anyone kind enough to call me about selling their car.

If you have some questions about how I work, perhaps you might like to read through the FAQ section on this website?

So usually it is best to call me and if by chance I do not answer first time, please leave a brief message on this number 0411 362 229 and I will get back to you.