How Much Is My Car Worth Phone Quote

The number one question I get for obvious reasons:

How Much Is My Car Worth?

And fair enough.

If you have called me to get cash for cars today in Brisbane then of course you want to know!

I’m always happy to give you an offer, however it is not as simple as giving a price over the phone.

Either accidentally or in rarer cases, on purpose, people tend to misrepresent their car.

What I mean by this is people have a natural tendency to “talk up” the car they have for sale in the hope of getting a better price for it.

About 200,000kms is not 230,000.

And that stove in of the rear passenger door isn’t “just a few scratches” or a bit of “wear and tear”.

These are just some examples as to why I am always reluctant to make quotations over the phone.

Perhaps I can give you a ball park figure.

But a good guide is to visit a website called Redbook.

Although it is not always accurate, it gives a pretty good guide.

For most recent makes and models (i.e. post late 90s cars), they will give a retail price guide and a trade-in price guide.

When you are selling to a dealer like myself, the price I will most likely offer you is closer to the trade-in price guide.

Sure you might get more money if you hold out and sell your car privately, but that is just the problem. You need to go to the bother and hassle of selling your car privately.

I will usually only make a firm offer after I have arranged with you to see and drive the car.

After all you wouldn’t make an offer on a car you hadn’t seen nor driven would you!?

For a cash offer for your car today in Brisbane you can call me on 0411 362 229 and see what cash I can offer for your car.