How Can I Tell a Hail Damaged Car

It wasn’t all that long ago Brisbane was smashed with a few nasty hail storms.

Summer seems so long ago at the time of writing right?

Remember just after the storms seeing all the cars running around looking like they’d been sitting on a golf driving range?

Well a lot of those cars have been fixed, kept or sold.

Maybe you’ve bought one?

You may have even heard a few good luck stories from it all.

I have a friend who’s 2006 Landcruiser got stuck in the middle of a bad hailstorm at Acacia Ridge.

The insurance company wrote the car off and paid out something like $13,000.

He really loved that car.

It was his beach and outback basher.

And the engine was great – he’s done all of the maintenance work on it himself over the years.

So he checked out the auctions, and what do you know – he bought it back for about $4,000.

He didn’t care about a few (actually it was a lot) of bumps.

But there is big business for the paintless repairs.

There is one really big mob around the corner from me here at Mansfield.

They have a massive warehouse and this is all they do – get dints out of cars.

And they are so good, a lot of their business comes from local panel shops because it is cheaper and quicker to get these guys to pull out dints than it is for the shops to do it themselves.

I have a “dint doctor” who comes and does some work for me from time to time.

Often just for trolley bumps, door hits and the likes.

Should you buy a previously hail damaged car?

Sure – why not if you can’t tell?

Sometimes these guys are so good it takes a trained eye to see where they have worked on roofs/bonnets.

If you are really concerned, a place I check when looking to buy cars is on the rails between the doors and the roof. This spot is almost impossible to make smooth without panel shop work.

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