Holden Commodores

I buy and sell a lot of Holden Commodores here in Brisbane.

Some are worth more than others.

They are really good cars, but as you probably know they have their good and – no so good points.

Let’s start with the good:

  • They are comparatively cheap to find spare parts for.
  • They are generally very reliable.
  • They look good.
  • The engines seem to keep going.

But unfortunately there are a few not so good aspects of owning a Holden Commodore:

  • If you’re trying to sell, there are just so many of them.
  • They are a bit tinny. Close the doors and compare to a Japanese or a European car and hear the difference.
  • A lot of the interior finishes deteriorate and look bad – e.g. the console doors, seat wheels and sometimes the whole door trims.
  • They are V6 engines and fuel efficiency isn’t the best.

But the biggest problem of the above is that there are just so many Holden Commodores for sale not only in Brisbane, but across Australia.

So how do you make yours stand out?

Price is one thing.

If you drop your price lower than 80% of the others on there, it will sell faster.

Some people come to me with their Commodores having lovely wheels and fancy sound units.

These sorts of additions are great – but generally do not improve the price.

They help sell your Commodore and make it a little more appealing than the next one.

Unfortunately a lot of money spent on cars in their lifetime on improvements and tweaks are not realised again at the time of sale.

Just be aware of this fact!

My number is 0411 362 229 so please give me a call and we can discuss your Holden Commodore.