I am a car buyer who pays cash in Hawthorne and all surrounding suburbs.

My lock up shed and permanent business address is in Mansfield only 15 minutes away.

I am a licensed motor dealer and I make the process of selling a car fast really easy – without having to worry about a lot of the usual annoying requirements I mention below.

If you have already called one or two other car buyers, you have probably found many are this new business model of aggregated buying with head offices and call centres interstate.

This is a big difference with me. When you call me on 0411362229 you speak directly with me, every time.

What Cars Am I a Buyer Of?

I buy cars whether they are registered or not – or a running out of registration soon. Lots of people sell their car when the registration is running out!

I may make you an offer on a car that doesn’t run, but generally I deal with cars that do or at least have a reasonable explanation as to why it is not running.

If the car has grass growing through it and it is essentially a wreck, there are guy with trucks that will pick it up for free – or maybe if it isn’t quite that bad, they may even offer you a small cash payment.

I will consider buying kind of car – sedans, utes, hatches, wagons, 4WDs – all small and large cars.

I am licensed with the Qld Office of Fair Trading and operate my business fairly to all my customers and suppliers.

Most common brand of cars are okay too. I generally don’t buy specialty, custom or vintage type cars.

Why Sell Your Car To Me Today

Number one reason? I make it easy – I have done it at least many hundreds maybe thousands of times before!

When you sell your car privately, there is a heap of work you have to do that costs a lot of time and money.

People who haven’t sold a car for a while are surprised how much it can cost, the time it takes and what is involved.

Firstly to sell a registered car in Queensland and other states, your car needs to pass a mechanical inspection to earn a roadworthy certificate. It is also known as a RWC or Safety Certificate.

Often there is some work you may need to do to get the car up to roadworthy standard.

Usual items are brakes and tyres which can be VERY expensive to get up to scratch.

Is your car well presented and in good condition?

Those little scratches, broken knobs, stained carpets, bumps, rattles, etc. all make your car that much harder to sell.

And can cost the average seller quite a lot of money to fix up for not a lot of cash gain on the final sale price.

A clean car is much easier to sell. Do you keep your car clean all the time? If someone calls, they usually want to see the car NOW.

Then there is the waiting for calls.

Most cars can take months to sell – especially if you are not willing to sell it for a song.

Ask around at your next BBQ – everyone has a story of a weirdo arriving at your door when you sell either a car or for that matter anything online.

So what is the process if you call or email me?

We can have a discussion about your car on the phone, then if we agree we’re on the same page, we can arrange to meet at a convenient location.

I will then have a good look over your car and have a small test drive and make you an offer for the car AS-IS. Whether it has registration or not of if there are a few things wrong with it – or not.

If you accept or we can negotiate a cash price we can both live with, I fill out a one-page ownership transfer form called a “Vendor’s Statement” which Qld Transport uses to transfer the ownership from you to my business.

Then I pay you cash for your car straight away.

I usually do this by transferring from my business’ Commonwealth Bank Merchant account in front of you, or folding notes in cash is also possible with a quick trip up to the branch.

If you live in or around Hawthorne and the car you want to sell today, soon or now is located here, just give me a call and let’s see what the best offer is I can come up for you.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Moorooka by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.