Ford Territory Repairs

Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of Ford Territory models.

They are a popular SUV and for many good reasons.

But ask most owners, and the Territory has its problems too.

Ask any mechanic or anyone in the auto industry that has had much to do with buying, selling or maintaining a Territory.

They will all start telling you about their problems.

Do you own one you want to sell yourself?

First thing you will probably notice at around the 80,000km mark is a few unusual knocks and bumping noises coming firstly from the front end, then soon after the rear.

It’s very common and ubiquitous.

It is inevitable these items will need replacing – or if you are buying a Territory, you should insist the work has been done:

  • Front lower control arm bushes,
  • Rear diff front bushes,
  • Front diff front bushes,
  • Rear diff centre bush,
  • Front diff centre bush,
  • Engine mounts,
  • Sway bar links,
  • Front lower ball joints,
  • Both front castor bushes,

As you can see, this is quite a list.


We’ve become somewhat experts at these repairs, so we can do them for a lot less than you can – unless of course you can do the work yourself.

For a Ford Territory I bought in Brisbane a few months ago, the person I bought the car off had this work all done at UltraTune.

I can show you the invoices. They only did about half of the above work (I did the rest before selling again), and the invoices came to about $1,500.

Oh and I didn’t mention, about this time the brakes need a complete overhaul as well – another $500 or so.

So a Ford Territory can get very expensive at these kms when it seems everyone, for very good reason, wants to sell theirs.

I’m very happy to make you an offer if you want to sell yours, I will take into account requiring to do all of the above mechanical works – unless of course you can demonstrate by way of invoice you have already done some, or all of the this list.

Again, don’t get me wrong, the Territory is an excellent car – but only after you have invested in these essential upgrades.

So… got a Ford Territory to sell? Call me on 0411 362 229 so I can make you an offer.