My name is Paul and I have been a buyer of used cars in East Brisbane for many years now.

My warehouse/shed is based in Mansfield, and I live in Norman Park so it is fair to say I am a local.

What Sort of Cars Will I Pay Cash For

I buy used cars of most makes and models depending on a few factors.

Generally your car needs to be running – or have a simple (or known) explanation as to why it is not.

I buy utes, sedans, hatches, family cars, work cars, vans – you name it I probably buy it.

Your car does NOT need to have registration – nor does it need to have a roadworthy certificate (RWC).

As a licensed motor dealer, not only can I see past these things, I am legally allowed to trade cars without one of both of these things.

Why Sell Your Car To Me?

Perhaps you need cash fast?

Or maybe you are leaving the country soon either permanently or an adventure?

Are you a backpacker finishing your Australian trip?

Did you buy a new car and this one now has to go to make room?

Did you get a trade-in offer you rejected?

Do you not want to go to all the hassle of preparing your car, getting a RWC, advertising it online and having strangers kick tyres at your place of residence?

These are just some of the reasons people call me and sell their cars to me on the spot.

The overriding reason is that I just make the process quick and easy.

If you live in East Brisbane and the car you want to sell today, soon or now is located here, just give me a call. Perhaps you can drop by my shed in Mansfield or I may be able to come to you depending on your timetable.

Either way, we can sort it all out today and you can be rid of your car today.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in East Brisbane by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.