I am local, independent and very close to East Brisbane – in fact I’m only next door in Norman Park and currently my warehouse full of cars I buy and sell is in Mansfield.

I know East Brisbane well. I often buy and sell cars here.

This is my own small business and unlike many of my competitors, I am independent and do not belong to any shady large franchise that unfortunately do exist in this industry.

What Used Cars Can You Sell That I Might Buy?

I generally buy cars that in at least reasonable condition whether it has Qld registration, another state’s registration or even if it is not registered at all.

I don’t buy wrecks, there are many services in Brisbane that can offer this service. But if your car has mechanical problems, this could be okay – let’s discuss them.

I like to buy any make and model – including sedans, utes, hatches, wagons, 4WDs – all small and large cars.

I am licensed with the Qld Office of Fair Trading and operate my buying and selling business with integrity.

A lot of people call and ask me for a price on their car.

Sorry but I don’t make offers on cars I haven’t seen.

We can discuss round-about pricing subject to viewing, but firm and fair offers simply can’t be made over the phone.

Why Should You Sell Your Car To Me Now?

Firstly I make the whole process very easy.

When you sell your car privately, there is a heap of work you have to do that costs a lot of time and money.

For example, you will need to get a mechanic inspect the car and give it a roadworthy certificate. This is mandatory when selling a registered car and is also known as a RWC or Safety Certificate.

Often there is some work you may need to do to get the car up to roadworthy standard.

Usual items are brakes and tyres which can be VERY expensive to get up to scratch.

Now you need to prepare your car.

Those little scratches, broken knobs, stained carpets, bumps, rattles, etc. all make your car that much harder to sell.

And can be expensive to fix up.

A clean car is much easier to sell. Do you keep your car meticulously clean all the time? If someone calls, they usually want to see the car NOW.

Then there is the waiting for calls.

Most cars can take months to sell – especially if you are not willing to sell it for a song.

And of course, tyre kickers and other weirdos come to your house.

That is if they turn up when they say they will.

With me, we arrange to meet at a convenient location, I have a good look over your car and have a small test drive and make you an offer for the car AS-IS.

If you accept or we can negotiate a cash price we can both live with, I fill out a one-page ownership transfer form called a “Vendor’s Statement” which Qld Transport uses to transfer the ownership from you to my business.

Then I pay you cash for your car straight away.

I usually do this by transferring from my business’ Commonwealth Bank Merchant account in front of you, or folding notes in cash is also possible with a quick trip up to the branch.

If you live in East Brisbane and the car you want to sell today, soon or now is located here, just give me a call and let’s see what the best offer is I can come up for you.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in East Brisbane by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.