Cut and Shut Cars

What is a Cut and Shut car?

Essentially it is the fusion of two cars.

Say you have a written off car because of a smash at the front.

And a same/similar model which had a smash at the back.

A cut and shut is taking the two “good” halves in the attempt of making one good car…

There’s a lot of work that goes into such deception.

Cutting panels and structural pieces, matching and lining them up, re-spraying and then hiding evidence of the join.

Nearly all of these types of cars end up in the private buyer/selling market seeking unsuspecting buyers.

No-one should be buying these sorts of cars – they are plain dangerous.

It is always an excellent idea to get a PPSR Report which generally identifies cars with matching VINs (Vehicle Identification Number) to cars that are or have ever been on the written-off register.

But this is not always foolproof.

It is a great idea to have a few checks in place:

1. First and foremost, if the car is too cheap – look closer! The old adage “if it sounds too good to be true….”

2. Check the gaps between panels are even. This not only helps see cut and shuts, but also if a car has been repaired poorly.

3. Check the paint matches front and back.

4. Check upholstery matches throughout the car and look under seat covers.

5. Crawl underneath and look for out of place welding lines – or areas on the frame that may have over-used rubber deadening tar in certain spots.

6. Cut and shits are often joined at the top of the rear windscreen and that pillar between there and the rear windows. Look closely around these areas for seams/welds.

7. View a car in good light. Rain and dark areas – or at night can trick you and hide otherwise obvious blemishes.

There are more detailed checks you or someone else can do, but these are the main ones to cross off.

Please do not call me to sell a cut and shut car! But definitely call 0411 362 229 if you want to get cash for your car today in Brisbane.