I offer great cash for cars Beenleigh and have done for years now.

I buy and have sold many used cars in the Redlands and I’m not far away to pay you cash for your unwanted car.

Cash For Cars Reviews

If you’re unsure about who to call about selling your used car quickly, may I refer you to the Google reviews I receive regularly.

Given the stereotype my chosen work suffers, I would say it is unusual for a used car guy to encourage you to read their reviews. Correct?

I work very hard to make sure my business is fair and reputable.

What Cars Do I pay Cash For in Beenleigh?

I buy most used cars, vans, sedans, utes, hatches, 4WDs, SUVs – most sorts of cars.

I’ve even been known to buy the odd van, bus and truck!

An actual car I bought recently from James in Beenleigh with a 2013 Kia.

He works very hard and just didn’t have the time to go through the sometimes drawn out process of selling a car privately using either CarSales or Gumtree – or both.

If you’re not already aware, selling a car involves preparing a car aesthetically and mechanically for sale, getting a safety certificate, then advertising it inviting people to turn up to your house. Or not turn up when they say they will. Happens all the time.

As long as your car is running – I’ll probably be able to make you an offer.

Even if it isn’t, do you have a reason why it isn’t? We can have a chat and maybe I can still take the risk and make you an offer but to be fair, I’ll always make a higher offer for cars running than if they are not!

But I don’t buy wrecked cars.

Do a search on Google using “wreck” in the search and you will find plenty of operators in or around Beenleigh that have a tray truck to pick your car up.

How It Works if You Sell Your Used Car To Me and My Business

I make the whole process as easy as I possibly can.

When you call me, you will speak directly with me – the owner of this little but long established business.

I’ll ask you a set of basic questions about your car and what I can do to help you as best as possible to meet your expectations.

We arrange a mutually suitable time and place for us to meet and for me to look over your car – whether it is currently registered or not.

I will make you an offer you can either accept, negotiate – or take on board to think about and come back to me.

Either way, I bring everything you need including the Qld Transport paperwork to transfer ownership from you to me as a licensed motor dealer.

I pay you cash and you leave the car with me!

It is that easy.

Hopefully I can help you sell your car for cash today in Beenleigh.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Beenleigh by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.