If you have a car to sell for cash in Brisbane’s Redlands district, I’m a good person to call first.


This is my own small business I have been running for many years.

People being time poor often just want to sell their car quickly today now or soon.

Not take weeks or months.

I offer people who find me – usually people like you doing a Google search – a way to sell their no longer needed car to a licensed motor dealer with as little trouble as possible.

I pay cash for cars and often people calling me can have their car gone and cash in the bank the same day.

You see, I am a licensed motor dealer and have been doing this reliably and responsibly for many years.

People love my service.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Take a few minutes to read through the greatly appreciated Google reviews I receive from customers:

You can read my Google reviews here.

What Sort of Car Do I Buy?

I buy all sorts of vehicles. So call me to see.

At the very least if for some reason I cannot buy your car, I usually have some good advice for where you might be able to.

Generally the only cars I don’t buy are those that don’t run for bad mechanical reasons, wrecks, special interest cars (e.g. low volume classics) and super expensive – say over $100k!

Is your car registered in Queensland or elsewhere? Or perhaps not? Either way it is no problem for me.

Just a slightly different process and paperwork – but that is for me to concern myself with without bothering you.

Why Sell Your Car To Me Today Or At Least Call?

I make buying and selling cars on Brisbane’s Southside easy.

When you sell your car privately, there is a heap of work you have to do that costs a lot of time and money.

Safety certificates also known as Roadworthy Certificates are a big item in Queensland if you want to buy or sell cars.

This means you need a certified mechanic to inspect the car and provide certification that has met Qld law’s minimum safety standards.

To achieve this, often some mechanical or replacement work may need doing. Typical items are brakes, tyres and usually some steering assembly stuff that doesn’t get a lot of attention during the average car’s life.

Preparation of your car for sale can be expensive and a nuisance too.

Scratches, broken knobs, stained carpets, bumps, rattles, etc. all make your car that much harder to sell.

And how clean is your car?

In today’s market it is difficult to sell a dirty and poorly presented car for a reasonable price.

A full detail can easily set you back around $300-$500.

Have you sold a car privately before and experienced all of the annoying tyre kickers?

Some people will come and waste your time just to compare how your car drives to another they have already put a deposit on.

Just to check…

And the time as mentioned before.

Cars can often take months to sell at a reasonable price on either Gumtree or CarSales.

But this is all part of my day-to-day business so I am the expert in taking car of these things.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Logan City by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.