Cars I prefer To Buy

What sort of cars do I buy in Brisbane on any given day?

In the past I have bought all sorts.

Although not very often, I have been known to buy classic cars like a Mustang and once or twice I have bought a Ford/Holden muscle car from the 70s.

But this sort of buying is rare because I don’t specialise in older or classic cars.

And as you know if you have one, the market to sell these sorts of cars is quite small and specialised.

So because I am not a member of a special interest car club and don’t really know all that much intimately about them, I generally don’t buy cars like this.

Whilst mentioning cars I don’t buy often, I generally do not buy cars that don’t run.

Except in special circumstances.

To give a recent example, I recently bought a 1998 Nissan when the owner brought the car to me on a trayback truck and explained to the best of her knowledge why it wasn’t running.

I could see exactly what she meant and apart from me getting my mechanics to do maybe $500 or so of work to get it going, it was an otherwise good car for me to on-sell.

Obviously I didn’t pay as much to her as a similar car in working order, but she understood this and just wanted the car out of her life.

I had another guy call me yesterday, which prompted me to write this post, with a car all in bits.

It was a Nissan Navara and he sent me a photo showing me the car as it stood in his yard.

There were parts from the front of the yard to the back with the car in the middle!

This sort of car is definitely NOT a car I am interested in buying.

You would need to sell this sort of beast to either a mechanic or a wrecker in Brisbane.

What I am particularly interested in the moment are 4 cylinder Japanese cars in autos.

Generally speaking, an auto car is more interesting to me to buy in Brisbane than a manual car.

This is not always the case though.

Some cars suit a manual gearbox better. For example we recently sold a Suzuki Swift where the buyer was specifically looking for a manual.

Also some of the V8 cars and utes sell better in manual than auto.

I do buy Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore, but just be mindful that if yours doesn’t have much particularly special about it, it may not be worth much.

It is a pure case of supply versus demand.

Have a look on CarSales or Carsguide and you will find literally thousands of these cars for sale there with 200,000 kms plus.

They are just hard to sell for any more than the best price you see in these online classifieds.

I also buy company cars in Brisbane. If you have unwanted or superseded company cars, I will offer you a price in each individually or as a lump sum for all.

But realistically, no matter what sort of car you want to sell today in Brisbane, you just never know because even if it is not a car useful to me in my business right now, I have a great network and may be able to quickly find a home for it. So give me a call on 0411 362 229 and I might buy your car for cash today.