Car Registration Cost Qld

Often I buy – and sell cars without registration.

This happens for a number of reasons.

Mostly I buy them when someone thinks the car will cost more to fix to become roadworthy or to get a safety certificate so they don’t bother.

They call me to come and take it off their hands.

Recently I bought a Jeep Wrangler where the owner worked in the mining business in Papua New Guinea.

His father had been keeping it for him half in – and half out of his garage for coming on years.

It was time for it to be sold.

So it had actually been out of registration for over a year.

Because I have what is known as a “trade plate”, I can licensed to drive unregistered cars for short trips to their destination which might be my shed at Mansfield (Brisbane Southside) or perhaps to one of my network of dealers who in turn like to buy the cars I find like this.

Of course this depends on the make and model.

If you have to register – or re-register your car or a car you buy, usually this price is not advertised.

The only time it is included is when you buy from a dealer and it is clearly sold as Drive-Away No More To Pay.

It can get a bit confusing to know exactly how much you are up for when you buy a new car and need to register it.

Because there is a difference depending on what your car is classed as.

For example, a utility is regarded as Light Commercial which attracts higher CTP (Compulsory Third Party) fees.

Qld Transport has finally upgraded their registration quoting system and it is now quite accurate and spells out all the component parts that make up the total cost of registering your car in Queensland.

You can find the Qld Transport eQuote here.

This quote includes and defines all the bits and pieces relevant to your car to be registered including new plate fees, CTP, Registration, Traffic Improvement Fee and a Surcharge (for choosing 6 months instead of 12).

Don’t worry, they don’t miss you!

If you are interested to know how much your car is worth to sell quickly today in Brisbane, please call me on 0411 362 229.