I have been buying and selling used cars in Brisbane for many years and have bought many from people in Cannon Hill.

I live locally on the South Side of Brisbane and am on the road a lot looking at cars for people who want cash for their cars quickly today now or soon.

I am licensed and do not belong to a large national mob who treat this business like an impersonal sausage factory.

I am the person who answers the phone and I am the person you will be showing your car to and who you will be negotiating a price with.

As an expert, I can also provide you with information about what steps might be best for your situation regarding things like interstate registration, Qld registration running out (or that has already run out), insurance, finance payouts, roadworthy certificates, etc.

Reasons Why People Sell Their Car to Me

The most common reason like to sell their car to me is the ease of the transaction.

As a licensed motor dealer, you do not need to bother with cleaning the car up. I can see through this.

You also do not need to have registration nor have achieved a safety certificate (roadworthy certificate).

This can quite literally save you thousands of dollars.

Also there is the time factor.

Assuming we can agree on a price, you only need to fill in a single page form which acknowledges the sale then you can be on your way – cash in hand and the car left with me.

A lot of people spend a lot of money and time selling their car on CarSales or Gumtree.

This is totally fine if you have the time and can spend the effort required.

But people who sell their car to me want quick results for a fair price which is what I offer.

What Sort of Cars Do I Buy?

I buy most makes and models of cars.

Sometimes people come to me with an old Mitsubishi Magna or Holden Astra (both hard to sell!) with all sorts of problems.

Even for these sorts of cars I can offer you a price to leave it with me.

I don’t make a lot of money on these sorts of cars, but sometimes they are worth a little bit to me in parts and/or scrap.

I definitely do not buy wrecks – there are a lot of guys with tilt trucks that will pick these up for free or may even pay you a token cash amount.

If your car has mechanical problems, I may still be interested in buying it.

Obviously I will take the problems into account in the offer I make to you, but this may just save you a heap of problems.

A recent example of this happening was a young lady who had a 2008 Audi with a significant engine problem.

Audi Brisbane estimated the repair bill would be $4,000.

We agreed a price for mer to take on the risk of fixing it and preparing it for sale.

She walked away leaving her troublesome car behind with no more to worry about.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Cannon Hill by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.