Got a car you need someone to buy and pay cash for quickly in Salisbury, Brisbane?

I’m Paul and as well as buying and selling cars for cash every day in Brisbane’s Eastern suburbs, I live and work here too.

Therefore I am local, but I am also independent and licensed to buy and sell cars in Qld with the Office of Fair Trading and I have been doing this reliably for many years now.

Need to Sell Your Car? I make buying it easy

Most people try nd sell their used car privately either via CarSales or Gumtree or both. But there are a few things you should consider before embarking on this journey.

Firstly, to sell a registered car, it is a Qld legal requirement to have a current Safety Certificate (Roadworthy Certificate) before you put it up for sale.

If you’ve never been involved with the process of obtaining a safety certificate, it is a mechanical inspection making sure your car is of a minimum standard to pass safety tests.

Just some of the items inspected are seatbelts, tyres, brakes, suspension and electronic functionalities.

You are responsible to pay for and achieve this – not the buyer.

If any items fail, which something often does, you are required to fix it at your expense, then arrange for a second inspection prior to issue of the certificate.

For some used cars being put up for sale, this can be extremely expensive!

Think new brakes and tyres which is not uncommon.

This can easily add up to thousands of dollars alone.

If I buy your used car and pay you cash for it, yes I take them into consideration, but it saves you all the hassle and expense of doing this corrective work yourself – and maybe getting ripped off along the way.

Time is money.

If you hold your car for months trying to sell it, how much is lost in opportunity cost of the money tied up in it?

I can pay cash for your car instantly and you can be rid of it same day with minimum fuss.

How Can You Buy My Car Today For Cash?

A question I often get either when you call of when we meet when you are showing me your car.

As a licensed motor dealer with the Office of Fair Trading in Qld, I am able to buy your car either registered or unregistered and without a safety certificate.

If I resell your car with registration to anyone except for another motor dealer, I am required to achieve the minimum safety certificate standard myself.

But I take the risk on that cost.

So if you call/email me and we agree to meet to discuss, then we can agree on a fair price for your car, we are nearly there.

All we do then is fill out a standard one page form known as a “Vendor’s Statement” which is a legal document that transfers ownership of your car from you to my business.

It is a simple one page form we can have completed in 10 minutes.

Then quite literally after I pay you, the deal is done and the car is no longer your problem.

No RWCs to get, no repairs to worry about, and no people calling you at weird times then not showing up to see your car.

How much is it worth to you to sell your car in a few hours instead of 4 months?

Are You a Part of A Car Buying Network?

No definitely not!

One Google search will see a multitude of paid ads from these organisations.

I don’t pay for Google ads.

Most of my business comes from organic search, referrals and word-of-mouth.

Have a look at the link to my Google reviews on the homepage.

I strive and work very hard to ensure my little business is the best way for you to sell your car for a fair price quickly, today, now or soon.

When you call or email me, it is me and just me you will deal with.

I am a local of Brisbane’s Eastern suburbs and the mobile telephone number is my personal number.

If I can’t answer first time, please do leave me a message and I will be pleased to come back to you.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Brisbane’s Eastern suburbs by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.