I am local to Brisbane’s southside and have been for my whole life – I’m now in my mid 40s.

My career in the auto business has spanned the best part of 20 years now in various capacities before deciding upon opening this, my own car buying and selling business.

One thing to know that is important is the word independent.

In the past few years, there have been many interstate car buying conglomerates infiltrate the Brisbane car buying market.

These businesses are generally based interstate with call centres there and only have agents that will turn up to pick up your car after giving a price over the phone, only to renegotiate because of issues they find – every time – when they get there.

“Oh you didn’t tell us it wasn’t cleaned recently nor had a service in the last 6 months, we need to knock $4,000 off the price we originally offered”.

This sort of stuff happens every day I am told by people, maybe like yourself, who sends them away then gives me a call.

What Cars Am I a Buyer of?

I may buy cars that have neither registration nor run well – or at all.

I do not buy wrecks – and I need to have a rough idea why you think the car isn’t running well.

As for registration, as a licensed motor trader in Qld with the Qld Office of Fair Trading, I am able to immediately purchase your car and handle the registration on your behalf.

This situation is enabled by you signing a simple one page document called a “Vendor’s Statement” which means I pay you cash and you leave the car with me. That’s it!

You’re always welcome to cancel your existing registration first before selling your car to me. Some people prefer to do this – especially if they have persoinalised number plates.

I am a car buyer of all sorts of later makes and models.

All the Japenese cars, European cars, some of the American ones, all Australian ones and of course all of the rising Korean cars such as Hyundai and Kia.

I buy vans, sedans, utes, pickups, traybacks and wagons. I even buy sporty coupes from time to time.

I recently bought and sold a beautiful Nissan 370Z for example.

Why Sell Your Car To Me Today

I make buying and selling cars on Brisbane’s Southside easy.

When you sell your car privately, there is a heap of work you have to do that costs a lot of time and money.

Did you know you need a safety certificate to sell a registered car in Queensland?

This means you need a certified mechanic to inspect the car and provide certification that has met Qld law’s minimum safety standards.

To achieve this, many cars require expensive work to be done – for example new tyres, suspension part replacement and brake repairs.

Then you need to prepare your car for sale.

Scratches, broken knobs, stained carpets, bumps, rattles, etc. all make your car that much harder to sell.

And can be expensive to fix up.

A clean car is much easier to sell. Is your car shiny and clean?

You need to keep your car in this nice condition because when people call, they usually want to see the car now.

And most of them are tyre kickers or just seeing if they like that make/model! (this is annoying even to me in the business because it is a big waste of time usually).

Then there is the waiting for calls.

Most cars can take months to sell – especially if you are not willing to sell it super cheaply.

Call me and my little car buying business instead.

We can meet at a convenient location, have a good look over your car and make you an offer for the car AS-IS.

If you accept or we can negotiate a cash price I can prepare the required paperwork within minutes, pay you cash then you can be on your way minus the car you may have been trying to sell for a long time.

If you live on Brisbane’s Southside and the car you want to sell today, soon or now is located here, just give me a call and let’s see what the best offer is I can come up for you.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Moorooka by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.