I have been buying and selling used cars in Brisbane for many years now. Many of those in the Annerley area.

I am local, independent and reliable.

There have been a lot of changes in the automotive industry in recent years.

You may have noticed some of these.

For instance just down the road in Moorooka on the magic mile, have you noticed it is not as magic as it once was say 10 or 15 years ago?

The role of the internet has dramatically changed the industry – for the better – for you.

But this comes with some warnings as well.

I’m not the only guy buying used cars from people like you who found me on a Google search.

There are now many large companies that hire buyers and sales people on commissions in multiple cities.

This means if you call their number, it goes to a call centre, and the “lead” is farmed out to someone in their buying network.

Not so with me.

I live locally and the mobile phone number is mine 0411362229. You will be talking with me directly to sell your car.

Cars I buy in Annerley and Brisbane

I am a licensed motor dealer with the Office of Fair Trading Qld – you can check my credentials on the FAQs page.

So I can buy your car instantly with no fuss – whether it is registered or not.

In fact a lot of people call me to sell their car just before the registration runs out because they don’t want to renew it.

This is absolutely fine with me.

In fact if I buy your car, you are welcome to cancel your registration just prior as part of the negotiation.

I do not buy wrecks though.

I may buy your car if it is not running – but I will need to know why.

If it is a known problem – or just as simple as a flat battery, I can arrange a truck to come and pick it up if I buy it from you.

I buy most makes and models – and even if your car is a little on the weird side and I am not interested in buying it, I may have some advice for where you can try.

I buy newer and older models of all European, Australian, Japanese, Korean and USA made vehicles.

Including sedans, utes, station wagons, 4WDs and smaller cars like hatches and coupes.

Why Sell Your Car To Me?

I make it quick and easy to sell your car today, quickly, now or soon.

Firstly, how quick the process is.

In most cases when people call/email me, and assuming our diaries match, we can do the exchange of car for cash within hours.

As a licensed motor dealer, you do not need a roadworthy certificate to sell any car to me.

You also don’t need to bother cleaning it up too much. I do this for all cars after I bought them and can see through a little mess.

You don’t need to attend to the usual mechanical inspection and repairs prior to selling.

Most people when confronted with the chore of selling their car usually have some expensive items to consider.

The likes of oil changes, tyres, brakes and other roadworthy items come to mind.

Once I have paid cash for your car, these problems become all mine – not yours.

The paperwork is made simple too.

Being a licensed motor dealer, I need to fill in a simple one-page form known as a “vendor’s statement” with your signature giving consent to the sale and you can be on your way.

The other big reason to sell your car to me – no need to advertise and wait for people to turn up at your house and kick tyres.

Used Car Buyer in Annerley, Brisbane South and North Suburbs

I typically pay you for your car via my merchant bank account with the CBA. If you also bank with CBA, the money will show up in your account immediately.

For other banks, the CBA will send you a notification that the transfer has been made and it usually clears overnight.

If you prefer actual folding cash when I buy your car, this can be arranged because I am very close to a CBA branch.

If you live in Annerley and the car you want to sell today, soon, quickly or now is located here, just give me a call. Perhaps you can drop by my shed in Mansfield or I may be able to come to you.

Either way I may only be 5 minutes away.

Or you can simply fill in the basic details of your used car you want to sell in Annerley by filling out the used car details form on the homepage.